“Welcome to your first day of group therapy, would you tell us your name and a little about yourself?”

My name is Mike, and I am an adventure addict.

One day when I was the ripe old age of oh, say toddler or so, my mother took me on what she called an “adventure walk”. Essentially we walked up the road and took a shortcut through some Japanese knotweed at the end of a dead end street that looked out onto a local golf course. It was like we were traversing a massive jungle. Instantly I was enthralled, I would ask her if we could go out “adventuring” almost every day. It was in these adventure walks that we would explore mundane spots generally surrounding the golf course and a local park that would build my insatiable wanderlust. Ever since then I have been using any means of transportation available to me to explore the earth we live on, and it’s one of the few things I will never tire of.

At this point in time, bicycles are my preferred adventuremobile. They have enabled me to go further than I could on foot, yet still slow enough to notice the smells of blooming Magnolias in Spring.  The differences in temperature and humidity when passing a nearby stream are things that I would be otherwise oblivious to had I been driving in a car.

Herein lies the tales of some more notable adventures, and musings of bikes, gear and the meaning of life, shit like that.

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